Male Infertility Cure & Treatment – The Male Reproductive System and Its Fertility Function |

Studies and clinical observations have shown that infertility problems are mainly related to problems in the male reproductive system. Although there are also some cases wherein it is related to the female reproductive tract or a combination of both male and female reproductive functions.It is very well known that the reproductive systems of females are more complex than that of males. Usually, the most common reason for male infertility is due to the sperm itself. True enough, millions of sperm cells are produced and released during ejaculation. However, no matter how large the amounts of these sperms are released, only a few would be able to reach the female egg cell that is located within the uterus and would be able to fertilize it. The number of mature sperms that could travel its way to the uterus would determine the man’s ability to impregnate his wife. Actually, the higher the number of mature sperm cells that would reach the uterus there will be a greater chance that the female egg cell will be fertilized and implanted.Once the sperm cell and the cell will come in contact, a lot of reactions, both biological and chemical may occur. In general, the egg cell contains a protective coating and for it to be fertilized by a sperm cell, the sperm cell has to drill down the protective coating of the egg cell. This means that if there are a lot of sperm cells that are able to reach the egg cell within the uterus, then there will be a greater possibility that one of these sperms will be able to destroy the protective coating in the egg cell. The released sperm cell during ejaculation is the one that is being counted to determine the levels of sperm cell.Actually, infertility can be caused by a lot of problems. These problems would include the adequacy of sperms and its motility. Sperm count is generally the determinant for male infertility. As much as possible, physicians would recommend a higher number of mature sperms rather than sperms that are just enough or within the normal levels. Aside from that, the quality and maturity of sperm cells are also an important consideration. Sperm cells that are very motile, or those that travels faster, are much better and much preferred. If a sperm is able to reach the egg cell but it is immature, it won’t be able to fertilize the egg cell because its structure is incomplete and it won’t be able to drill down the protective coating outside the egg cell. There are some cases wherein males with inadequate sperm count have high quality sperms and remain to be fertile. This means that the condition of infertility among men is truly dependent on a lot of factors.If there are any problems that are associated with the reproductive system of males, the sperm cell production as well as the maturity and quality of sperms are affected. However, you should also know that there are also other factors that can affect male infertility.Lifestyle – Obviously, lifestyle is very important because it greatly affects the overall health. Males who are exposed to extremes of temperature, specifically hot temperature, can cause infertility. This is because sperms are very sensitive to heat. Heat can cause sperm cell depletion and manufacture of immature sperms. Thus, exposure to such should be avoided. Toxins and harmful substances such as pesticides should be used in proper caution because of the harmful effects that it can bring. If your work demands you to be exposed to such chemicals, perform all the necessary precautions to protect yourself.Age – Age is definitely another reason for infertility. Males who are older would tend to produce fewer sperms compared to those who are younger. Older males can also experience some changes in their reproductive organs.Intake of prescription medications that are used to treat heart disease and hypertension can also affect the male fertility. These medications would cause adverse effects that can cause serious threat in the male’s reproductive system.Various diseases such as venereal diseases and can also cause infertility among men. Aside from that, diabetes and problems that are affecting the central nervous system can also affect the male’s fertility.These are just the external factors that can cause infertility. Sometimes, infertility can also be caused by abnormalities in the structures of the male reproductive system. If that’s the case, consulting an expert would be the better the best way. Upon consultation to the physician, you need to address your concerns so that you will be able to solve the problem of your infertility.